Using Ride with GPS

This section covers how ‘Ride with GPS’ (RWGPS) can be used to

  1. Plot a route and determine both the length of the ride and the total descent.
  2. Store the route in ‘your’ library of rides stored within RWGPS.
  3. Down load a file that can be used with your Garmin SatNav.
  4. Obtain a ‘link’ that be added to either the ‘Runs List’ or ‘Runs Library’ on the club web site.

Why Ride With GPS?

There are many other programs that are functionally similar to RWGPS, these include

It is unreasonable to cover all these programs, so I a have chosen RWGPS – it works well and seems to be the most widely used within the club.

Creating an Account.

To work within RWGPS, it is best to create a (free) account – ‘Basic’ and ‘Premium’ accounts are available for a fee, but this is not necessary. A free account will enable you to login, create routes and store them within your own RWGPS account.

Routes and Activities.

A ‘Route’ is a ride which you have created/planned with a view to riding it and/or loading it onto your Garmin.
An ‘Activity’ is a ride that you have already ridden, recorded it on your Garmin, and stored it within RWGPS.
One way to create and store a Route is to take a stored Activity and convert it into a Route!

Creating Route.

The most likely starting point is to create yourself a Route within RWGPS. A good introduction into how to do this is shown in this video. (the video is a bit long in tooth, for example to start creating a Route go to ‘Route Planner’ and not ‘Plan’.

Whilst creating a Route it will display both the distance and ascent. When finished you can store the Route for later use.

Printing a Route.

This cannot easily be done as it is a ‘paid for’ feature. It can be overcome by

Transferring the Route onto your Garmin (using a GPX file)

If you are already logged in to your RWGPS account

If you are Not logged in to your RWGPS account

You will then find the GPX file in your download folder.

Creating a Link to Upload to the Club Web Site.

It is now possible to display your routes on the club web site yourself, without having to email it to another member who has special privileges.
To do this you first need to create a link to the route that has been stored in your RWGPS account. To obtain the link proceed as follows.

Your ride will then be displayed on the website for the benefit of other members. Don’t be disappointed if it isn’t immediately displayed – it can take 5 or 10 mins to become registered.

Need More Help?

Contact Paul Godfrey, Barry Barlow or Ken Dean who will be happy to help.