Storing Routes/Rides on the Website


A ‘Route’ is a ride that has been developed in ‘Ride with GPS’ (RWGPS). Routes can be displayed on the screen and/or be saved in ‘GPX’ format for loading onto your Garmin.
There are programs, other than RWGPS, that can be used for this purpose but for this exercise re are sticking with RGPS.

Where are Routes Stored?

There are 2 places where routes are stored. The first is the Runs Library; this is used to store rides of significance and for an extended period of time. Example of such rides would include

To see these rides look in the Runs Library.

In addition we have routes that are linked to the normal 11am Wednesday runs list; these are stored in the Runs List. These are more likely to be interest for the few days prior to the ride. They are useful if anybody has a Garmin, wishes to join the ride part way through, or wishes to see the length and ascent figures before committing themselves to the ride. To see these rides look in the normal weekly Runs List.

All runs with an associated route will be displayed in blue and underlined eg. Route 21

Using a Pre-Saved Route.

By clicking on the link you will see the route displayed in RWGPS. From this you will be able to see details of the planned ride together with total distance and ascent, this will give you an idea as to the difficulty of the ride.

In addition, it is possible to save the route in the form of a GPX file. These files can be transferred to your Garmin (or smart phone) and used whilst riding the route.

Developing Your own Routes.

A free account can be opened in RWGPS and when logged in a route can easily be developed. This tutorial will give you some idea how to develop a route. When you have developed your route in can be saved in your RWGPS account and stored in either the Runs Library or in the Runs List.

  1. Add a route to the Runs Library

There now follows a series of FAQ’s which will give you more detailed information.

  1. Obtaining a link from RWGPS to enter into the Runs Library/List
  2. Add a route to the Runs Library
  3. Add a route to the Runs List
  4. Obtaining a GPX file for your Garmin


1. Obtaining a link from RWGPS to enter into the Runs Library/List

When you display an existing route it will look something like this (Click for full size).
To get the link click on the Share icon ‘  in the top LH corner.
This will then present you with a choice of ‘Copy Link’. Selecting this will copy the link into your clipboard.
When you go to the Runs Library/List form you can then Paste this link into the form by Rt clicking the mouse and selecting Paste.

 2. Add a Route to the Run Library.

Jump to here for the Runs Library.