Runs Library

The library allows members to display and download rides that have been submitted by fellow members.
To view stored rides select the appropriate ‘Group’ or ‘Ride Type’ as shown below.

Riding GroupRide Type
All GroupsMidweek
Submit your own route to the library
  1. Create your own route using RideWithGPS.  (See separate page on RideWith GPS)
  2. From RideWithGPS, obtain a link that points to, or displays your route. (See separate page on RideWith GPS)

3. Complete The Form

How do I Delete an Existing Library Entry?

Contact Paul Godfrey and he’ll do it for you.

How do I Update an Existing Entry

The route is saved in your account with RideWithGPS. You can go to your account , select ‘Saved Routes’, find the route and select ‘Edit’. The ride can then be edited and saved over the top of the original version.
Any other changes (eg to the description) it’s best to ask Paul to delete your entry and start again.