Add Route to Existing Ride

Attach ‘Ride With GPS Route’ to your Ride’

Up to recently, if you were leading a ride that appears on the Runs List, you could send your route to Paul Godfrey who would then add it to the list.
A new feature has now been added whereby leaders can update the Runs List themselves with their predefined route.

In order to add a route to an existing entry on the runs list, you need to have in your possession

  1. A “Ride With GPS” link to your route (see below)
    This will be in the format “”, where ‘nnnnnn’ is a unique number obtained from RideWithGPS.
  2. Date of ride in the format   04  08  2019
  3. Ride Type eg, Car, Bike, Train, Normal Wed Ride.

Once entered, the route should then appear ‘as if by magic*’ on the runs list. It is critical that the above data is entered correctly or it will not match up to the existing entry on the runs list.
(*Well not quite ‘by magic’ – it will take 5 to 10 mins to to work its way through the system)

Obtaining a Link to Ride with GPS   –  Click here for more information on ‘Ride With GPS’

Any problems or questions contact Ken Dean or Paul Godfrey.

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