Frequently Asked Questions

Visitors Questions

1. Will I be made welcome?
2. Can I keep up?
3. How much does all this cost?
4. How do I make Payment?

Members Questions

5. How do I update my details?
6. How do I change my password?
7. How do I change my email address or any of my other data?
8. How do I renew my membership?
9. Can’t seem to access the blog or members’ gallery – What’s wrong?
10. Who do I contact if I have a problem

Visitors Questions
1. Will I be made Welcome?

We are a mixed bunch of both sexes, mainly in our 50s, 60s and 70s; we even have some members in their 80s.
We believe that we’re a fun loving and a sociable, non-competitive club.
As one of our members you can easily sit at coffee or lunch and make friends with anyone on our rides.

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2. Can I keep Up?

On a Wednesday we all meet for coffee at the same location. We then break up into riding groups with different groups for differing abilities. This ensures that there will always be a group that will ride at a speed and distance to meet your abilities.

Midweek Rides – Total numbers can vary between 40 and 70 riders.
The following link gives you some idea of approximate speeds and distances for our midweek rides .Midweek Riding Groups.

See the Runs List for details of rides planned for the next few weeks.
Rides are shorter during the winter months – we like to get back home before dark.

It is better start with a slower group; if you find yourself way out in front on the hills you can always swap to a faster group at a later date.

Saturday Rides – There is normally an A paced ride each Saturday throughout the year.
In the summer months the A ride is full day ride. Also in the summer there is a B paced morning circular ride starting and finishing at Otford Pond.

If you would like to join us for a ride, just turn up for coffee. We meet at various cafes around 10.30 in the northwest Kent area; the rides starts at 11am. The lunch stop will usually be in a pub. On your first few rides someone will keep an eye on you to make sure you don’t get ‘detached’.

You are welcome to come and ride with us, but please read our Club Rules first. Try one or two rides as a guest without obligation. If after that you want to continue riding with us you will be expected to join the club. In the interest of safety and peace of mind, all members must have BC, CTC/Cycling UK or LCC third-party liability insurance – but you don’t have to worry about this if you ride with us as a guest, this is because you are covered by the club’s insurance for the first three rides.

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3. How much does all this cost?

Annual membership is £10; for those over 80 this reduces to only£5.
This normally covers the calendar year – however if as a new member you join after 30th Sept, your membership will continue to the end of the following year.

In addition to this you would be expected to obtain 3rd party insurance as mentioned in the previous answer.
Cycling UK membership is £46.50pa, or £29.50 if aged 65+. This brings many other benefits in addition to the insurance.
alternatively British Cycling Ride membership costs £39pa.

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4. How do I make Payment?

Please make payment in one of the following ways:
1. Bank Transfer (preferred method)
Meridian Cycling Club
Sort Code: 09 06 66 (Santander)
Account No: 43226774
Be sure to add your name as a reference on the transfer (otherwise we wont know who it’s from!).
Please ensure that you enter the above information correctly as the Club cannot be responsible for money sent to the wrong account
2. By Cheque
Made payable to Meridian Cycling Club
This can be handed to Chris Simms, our Treasurer, when you attend a Wednesday or Saturday ride.
Alternatively post to him at
6 Petersfield Drive, Culverstone Green, Meopham, Kent, DA13 0TR
3. By Cash
See Chris on Wednesday or Saturday.

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Members Questions
5. How do I update my details?

Make sure you’re logged in and then look under ‘About Us’ – ‘Update- Form’. You will get a list of all the data that is held about you.
You can type in new values in any of the fields.
Username & Membership No. cannot be changed as they are system settings

For Password changes – see 3. below.

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6. How do I change my password?

As a member you do not need a password to log into the site, only your email address.
This is new and will be reviewed in due course. It does mean that anyone with your email address can log onto the site as you, but frankly there is truly little of interest to anyone who should not be on the system. If we get feedback that this is a problem, we will change it back again, but for the time being it will save the administration a lot of trouble.

For Pending Members just follow the instructions on the logging in form
You don’t need to make your password too complex – it’s not as if you’re protecting the crown jewels!

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7. How do I change my email address or any of  my other data?

See answer 5 above.

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8. How do I renew my membership?

Make payment to the club – see 4. above
Then check your user profile – 5. above

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9. Can’t seem to access certain pages on the web site – What’s wrong?

Certain pages (eg. Members’ Gallery) on the website are only available to members who are logged in. If you are having difficulties the first thing to check is that you are correctly logged in; to do this go to the Welcome/Home page and look in the top RH corner. This should show your name and that you are logged in as ‘Member’. If you are not logged in then proceed to the Login page.

If you’re shown as ‘Pending Member’ then either you haven’t paid or there’s some other problem with your membership status – contact Bob Craig.

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10. Who do I contact if I have a problem?

If you have any sort of problem that you cannot sort out please contact Ken (Webmaster) or Bob Craig (Membership).
Go to ‘Your Committee’ under Contact Data on the top menu.

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